Our team

It is clear to us that when it comes to working experience, know-how and work ethic, our quality standards are high, very high. All our consultants have significant and excellent experience in their area of expertise.

Our team in Vienna is led by our founder and Managing Director, Alexander Zuser.

Our office in Brussels is headed by Natalie Sarkic-Todd.

Project specific teams

Every single project is different. Every project has its specific requirements. That is why for every project we put together a project specific team.

Network of partners

And if it ever happens that our internal resources are insufficient to meet the requirements of a project, then we will fall back on our network of specialised partners built over the years. This enables us to cope with the scope of every project.

Working with us?

Are you interested in working for us? If you can show us corresponding industry experience in a regulatory or strategically relevant context, if you are hungry and curious, and if you identify with us, then please get in contact with us. We want to meet you.