Integrated service

Regulatory affairs are, by their very nature, an interdisciplinary subject. Frequently in the course of a project economic, legal, as well as technical expertise is required. Not to mention the need for excellent communication abilities in order to ensure that the right argument is made at the right time and the right place.

For regulatory and public policy advisory to be successful the service needs to be fully integrated, i.e. all different subjects have to fit in properly. Additionally, the advisory needs to be systemic, it must not isolate individual problems but instead analyse and solve them in their overall context

Working principles

For the sake of our clients we maintain a single-point-of-contact-principle because the need for co-ordination must not be at the expense of our customers.

We follow clear working principles.

And we think that our customers need to be entitled to effectively assess our performance.  We therefore work based on compensation models with variable elements, contingent upon the degree of customer satisfaction as measured at the end of the project.