Overall project responsibility

There are times when a specific topic is of such outstanding importance to you that you want to assign planning, content development and execution of activities to external professionals. The underlying issue may be a policy initiative at the European or national level, a formal regulatory or competition authority procedure, or any other priority topic.

Do you want us to provide you with a proposal on how we would approach the issue at hand? We will be happy to make you an offer for a single issue management project.

Shared responsibility

And sometimes, the regulatory or policy aspect is not the central point, but it is still an important aspect of a top priority project:

  • For example, you plan to introduce a new product or to substantially modify your existing business model and you require formal regulatory approval.
  • Or, in the course of an M&A-project, competition authority approval is required and you want to ensure – or, on the contrary, you want to prevent – the approval from being granted.
  • Or, alternatively, an important regulatory project is managed by your own organisation and you want to outsource a specific work package.

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Example: public policy project

Every regulatory project is different. Still, it is possible to identify typical project phases. Click here to find a typical workflow of a project covering a legislative initiative.