Organisational preconditions

Sustained success of regulatory and public policy management will only be possible if the organisational preconditions are met. The general rule also holds true in the context of regulatory management. Organisation, work process and functional competencies of employees have to be geared to the external challenges and to the internally defined goals – and not the other way around.

We help you:

  • to define the appropriate organisation and team structure,
  • to improve internal work processes, and, particularly,
  • to develop the functional competencies of your employees, namely both the employees of your core regulatory team and the people in closely related functions, especially if they regularly communicate with third parties in a regulatory context (e.g. top management, company spokesperson, PR-or investor relations people).

Trainings and workshops

We cover the current regulatory and top policy related issues of each industry sector within our expert briefings and training sessions. Subject to the audience you define, we adjust the content and the duration of our briefing and training sessions. Please find here an overview of the current top issues of each sector.